Back to school?

Back to school

Happy little girls and boys all over billboards with colorful backpacks  strapped to their backs and a huge smile across their faces , standing beneath what reads ‘Back to School’ in bold. They make going back to school something to look forward to , but in  reality it is something to dread but later you get use to it   (at least in my point of view it is) .
So school began like a week ago and thus I forced my self to get use to studying every day 😦 and getting up at 6:00 am and  sleeping waaaaay earlier than my ‘holiday bed time’ (4:00am) I have no idea how I managed to do that either!
So anyway on my first day my teacher welcomed us back with Trigonometry! 😦 if you don’t know what trigonometry is well…….. it’s  just horrible in one word ! but day by day I am figuring out how  to do it so it aint that bad no more but it is still not very pleasant . Also on the first day I nearly fell asleep in Biology class but  i was just still in the dozing stage ,not because the teacher is boring or anything but that was the time  that I am usually asleep in the holidays .Well I guess she didn’t notice my struggles to pay attention (advantage of sitting in the last bench –>I just love it behind there ❤ ) That day I constantly looked at the time  but the time seemed to never move an inch!  why does that happen when I want to go home?
Being able to have a semi new beginning is what i think is the bright side
of going back to school!
Right now I am longing for another Summer vacation … SOOn!

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