:)Hello again

,Dear readers

                             I feel really guilty leaving this blog untouched for months! it’s so dusty   *cough cough* can’t you feel the dust? But anyways I had valid reasons , firstly I was sooo busy with school and exams and boring school blah blah stuff and don’t forget to mention Mr. Horrid Math. And secondly…. well there is no second point because I mentioned most of the reasons in point 1.
I will be posting soon if I have time but I doubt it because much to my dismay school resumes on Sunday 😦 <– that face =  so not looking forward to it! I can’t wait for the next holidays! *sigh

Ok so right now I have last minute recently discovered holiday homework  to  do so till my next post (lets hope its not months away) adios amigos


comment your heart out.

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