This is my first photo post thingy 🙂 yay me! tell me what you think?

Alarm what will I do without you? 🙂 this little pink thing of mine can wake up a person in a coma. My Mom bought me this in the beginning of this academic year to make sure I didn’t miss my busit worked out the first few weeks but there were times when I would doze off without setting the alarm for the next day :/ but I soon overcame that problem.
All was well and going smooth with my little pink friend until today morning *(dan danah da dah)*  when  it decided to act weird and stop working straight. As usual I set my alarm at 6:00 am but it alarmed at 5:30 am and every 5 minutes after that! I have no clue why and it was really frustrating if you ask me because I really wanted to cherish my 30 minutes  left of nice cozy sleep before I step out to the cold outside world.

So, anyways I finally got annoyed and at 5:45 I switch the thing off ! ahh.. it was  relief…. until I woke up at 6:30 and almost missed my bus but I obviously didn’t because you know I made it right on time to the bus  like a ninja 😉

Do you have an annoying alarm? Please feel free to comment below I would love know I am not alone 😀


comment your heart out.

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