Little yellow flowers


These little yellow beauties are what I have always called “Sunflowers” but they are absolutely not sunflowers , which I just happened to realize yesterday lol I don’t know why I called them sunflowers they don’t even look related….silly me!

 Anyways these beauties are  not hard to find here in Kuwait especially in the winter season. My sister picked these up right outside my house

I tried googling it but I couldn’t find the name does anybody know what it’s called?? comment if you do please 😀

Here is a poem I wrote out of nothing but mere nothingtodoness and for the sole purpose of your entertainment hehe well to be honest its more of the first…

Your feed back will be most appreciated, let me know your alive! lol

,After months of barren sand, and

.The scorching heat baking the land

,And after the cool winds are ushered in

.The temperature decreases

.And the rain comes in

Calling all nature

That has been hidden for months

.Under the grains of the hot summer sands

It is the time I rise

.Petal by petal

With colors so bright

.I am so pleasing to the sight

they brighten the landscape

I look upon little

.dandelions and my other counterparts

I watch the dandelion seeds fly by

.So gracefully

Graceful just like me

For I am simple
Just a plain yellow flower

Just a little flower

Emitting with radiance

In the corners of this

 .Little desert


I dare you to leave this page without telling me what you think about this piece! 😀
you have been warned !

Lol have a nice day


6 thoughts on “Little yellow flowers

    • meem2 says:

      lol I really don’t know what they are called either n i thought they were sunflowers too until somebody told me they weren’t. lol no, it’s nothing deep at all.This poem is just about this flower and how it comes out in winter/spring here in Kuwait 😀


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