20 Min Writing Challenge (Day one)

And my time starts now!

This is a tough one. I usually have my posts planned out but this one’s going to be A HELL LOTTA JARGON –like snowflakes supplied right from my thoughts. If that makes any sense? Ugh. I have to cut chicken to make stew today but I hate it. I just hate it. Eating chicken= fun but cutting chicken into parts= no fun.

Today morning I was making salad and I pulled out the cabbage from the fridge and found a caterpillar chilling on the cabbage leaf. It must have been freezing! Anyway, I didn’t know what to do with it so; I let it free outside the window. Stay gold Mr. Caterpillar stay gold!

I only knew it for 3 minutes but I will remember it as a good caterpillar :’)


Mr C

Mr C



My Apologies for this meaningless post. I’m surprised you’re still reading. If you have something productive to do please go ahead unless you want to hear about a one eyed street cat I found yesterday 😐

So, yesterday me and my friends spotted a one eyed street cat, we’ve seen it before but yesterday it looked really tired. It kept sticking it’s tongue out, to me it looked like it was yawning but my friend –a  pet owner disagreed. She told me it was thirsty.  So we took turns feeding the cat water, and sure enough it was thirsty. Don’t tell my Mom she hates cats. It’s amazing how those cats survive in the Kuwaiti heat. Did I mention it was 43°C

2014-06-02 08.52.02

And then we left the rest of the water and went away feeling all nice and fluffy inside. 🙂  Five minutes later…. Somebody stole the cat’s water! Not cool. Not cool. Whoever you are you’re not cool!

Okay, my 20mins are up and I hope I didn’t bore you. And If you enjoyed it then well, I’m sorry If it’s kinda short I took breaks for thought! Posting gibberish is not my thing…


6 thoughts on “20 Min Writing Challenge (Day one)

  1. Lorraine says:

    Wow. It is hot in Kuwait. Oman’s weather isn’t that far… around 45 degrees C with 91% humidity. Groused out about the caterpillar in the cabbage… hahaha! I would freak out when i see it and throw it in the bin.. 🙂


    • meem2 says:

      Yup it is! Alhumdulilah for air-conditioning or it would be miserable in here!
      Well… I’m cool with butterflies so, caterpillars are along the same lines (according to me). Caterpillars are gross but not as gross as roaches. I would’ve flipped if I saw a roach on my cabbage! haha


  2. DoubleEspresso says:

    very cute. hope you keep us updated about the cat. glad you participated in this assignment. hope to continue to hear from you.


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