A View ( Day 2 )

Writing Challenge Day two: I couldn’t figure out how to go about this one so, I decided to do it in the form of fiction.


Dusk. The sun is setting and people make their way on board the train, like zombies with the lack of the capability to interact or simply stop and contemplate. The busy station, the hustle and bustle, high rise buildings the fog in the air. You may call it the city life, modernisation, progress. To me it’s a sort of interruption like the static sound on a bad phone connection. It stops you from hearing the clear voice of what’s actually being said. Dusk.

I close my eyes, shutting off the voices around me. I take myself to a place I called home. Well, it was home before I had to move to the city. A calm, gentle, and placid surrounding with lush fields and fruit trees. I would sit by the tree trunk or just lay there for long moments watching the sunset and listening to the sounds of the birds chirping their way back home. This surreal view before my eyes. The uninterrupted moment. Dusk.


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