Challenge (Day 4)

Writing Challenge Day 4: I have to admit, this is getting challenging by the day!


Recess, we’d talk endlessly about every single nonsensical thing… we‘d laugh at ourselves comparing each other to funny looking inanimate objects. Chasing each other down corridors. We would laugh and laugh and believe me, it was genuine, not one of those fake laughs we force upon ourselves just to assert a joke. No, this was real. Even though the cause of amusement might have been the most ridiculous thing, from a mispronounced word, to something like me almost tumbling down a staircase. It was a joy a being around the most wonderful goof balls.

Whether one of us felt completely blah or felt utterly drained out after pulling an all-nighter we always felt all our problems go away for that few moments we laughed at that newspaper stuck in the tree or a cat video. That moment when you’re totally immersed in laughter and everything feels like it’s going to be alright. It feels nice.
To be quite frank, I think I only found about 30% of their jokes to be actually amusing and worth a laugh (shhh! don’t tell them I said that) but, it might have been the aura they emitted or the way they laughed that made things ever so funny.
I miss the goofiness they bring into the room. I miss them asking me for suggestions and watching them do the exact opposite and fighting the urge to say “I told you so..”. I miss having them try to explain why sin x couldn’t be used in the equation. To be honest, I don’t think I ever got it, but thanks for trying :). I miss telling my friend how that lady’s ponytail had a striking resemblance to “Shaun the sheep”. I miss I miss I miss. I miss samosas and Fanta, my schoolday breakfast, an unhealthy habit you mustn’t ever try. I miss proving my points. That’s allot of missing for a paragraph!
Soon enough we’ll all be spread across the globe. Making new friends.
But who else will I laugh with about the time one of us  put sanitizer on that dude’s chair? And how he never figured out who did it? Priceless. Where in college will I ever meet such wonderful goofballs like you bunch? (Take that as a compliment 😉 )
We are so different, yet so alike. I miss them.


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