Nice To Meet You (Day 6)

Writing challenge day5 :Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?


The past year I’ve been preoccupied with school and stuff so, I unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to meet new people neither have I been able to the last few months, so, It has been pretty much the same old same old people, but in a month I might have a different answer. Long story short, I once again opt for fiction! Yaaaaay!





Take this lady perhaps? She walks in stiletto heels and walks around drenched in pink, almost like a representative of Barbie.  Starting a conversation with this lady, all my preconceived thoughts about this lady whisk away.  She goes on about the Real Madrid and Barcelona match and how the game FIFA 14′ wasn’t up to her expectations…We kept talking and I got to know that she in fact coaches football to youngsters! I wouldn’t have guessed. Forgive me for stereotyping the pink lady.

But there is something about meeting new people; it’s always interesting to see life from someone else’s perspective. What makes someone interesting is what makes them unique…It could be a strange hobby or an amazing talent! Amazing people sometimes mask their talents under their ordinary mask. The people you meet can be complete life changers to complete losers. That’s the interesting part.

She walked to towards the exit, with here stiletto heels leaving an echo in the room.


2 thoughts on “Nice To Meet You (Day 6)

  1. thekellygeorge says:

    I love that in the 21st Century that the fancy gals can play/coach different types of sports. They don’t have to limit themselves. Great post – bravo!


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