Eat me! (Day 7)

Writing Challenge Day 7 : This post is partly fiction…

So, my elder sister always being the slow eater, harboring  her piece of leftover food in the fridge and I do not lie when I say this, without opening the fridge I can tell you that there is at least one plate or leftover of something that belongs to her. And I know she does this to torture us. Meh.




She asked me to keep her share of chocolate chip cookies in the fridge…as usual. Leaving me tempted to indulge myself into the crumbly yummy creation.


“You can have one of my friends,”  “Maybe the big one on my right?”

“I’d love to!”

“Then help yourself.”

“But it isn’t mine.”

“She wouldn’t notice.”

“Believe me she would.”

“How about a nibble?”  “Besides, you baked it anyway…so you can have as many as you want!”


“Watch me crumble. Watch me dance with the chocolate chips, melting on the palate of your tongue.”


“Eat me.”








“Wait why on earth am I having an argument with a cookie?”

I close the fridge door and settle myself to a good apple. That should do it.


My apologies, with these daily challenges with random topics, I have the feeling it’s compromising on quality meaning… more posts about convs with inanimate objects hehe. I just hope someone out there finds this somehow remotely funny ‘cus I had no other clue on how to go about today’s challenge. Thanks for reading and your feedbacks will be welcomed. I hope this post hasn’t scared you away. hehe

Feeling hungry? Craving some cookies? No worries, here is a Martha Stewart recipe! Or you could just be boring and go to the shop and buy yourself some, or even more boring and order some…which ever you choose mate.

Now I feel like making some too! But it’s too early in the AM…maybe tomorrow. When I say tomorrow I mean when the sun comes up… yea I know it sounds silly but anywho, am I the only one who does that?  Okay masalam. Aurevoir.


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