The Window (Day 8)

Writing Challenge Day 8:

Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see.




6:00 PM


It’s somewhere around 46° C and the café is a bit far away from where I am. Going outside isn’t much of an option today.


I’m facing the desktop screen, blank with ideas on what exactly to write for today’s challenge and also slightly bothered with the fact that it’s my turn to clean the bathroom.  (Clorox and Dettol here I come.)  I’m not in the mood of getting fumes into my system…


The sun is setting but there’s still a good amount of sunlight cascading into the room, peeping through the curtains of the balcony window. The window slider is jammed.


Outside the window I notice a bunch of new car sheds. Apparently a new construction for something of some sort is about to go underway, which required the evacuation of the car shades. Replanting them right in front of my view… It looks a bit out of place, odd, there’s something about the vast plain dusty brown desert sand that I find appealing, now, when you implant your Pajero and SUVs on top of it…It doesn’t look the same and it definitely isn’t appealing any more. It just looks like a Ford ad plus the Pufak chips packet on the floor. Uhmm, not appealing. But, the one who bares the most brunt in my view point is the poor mat’aam (restaurant) that might have to move its little cozy ‘diwaniya’ thingamajig they had going on.


Besides the car shades a man wanders like he forgot why he came there to begin with, another man, classy, suited up with a brief case in one hand, walks with confidence pacing his way to his destination.  A  man, wearing a sporting attire from what appears to be the early 90s, jogs his way down the street, a lady’s skirt wafts as a man speeds off on a motorbike.

I hear the faint beating of a drum from my upstairs neighbor, as usual at the oddest of times. Interrupting my thoughts.


My eyes wander to the busy expressway, I spot my dream car. “Ford flex” I love it and I don’t even know why, I just do, it’s the appearance maybe?

I watch it majestically hurtle its way down the road. I picture myself in the car. Glimmering, glossy, prestigious black, with white strips along the side. Lovely.

But, the road never fails to remind me of my fears I have towards driving here. Unfortunately, I am growing immune to the sounds of cars colliding, ambulance sirens, traffic police and fire brigades. It scares me. For now, my dreams of my dream car can rest.


The beats from above continue, and the sun gradually sets.



6 thoughts on “The Window (Day 8)

  1. Put It Together 4 U says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog…and it won’t be my last. I feel you did this assignment justice. 😀 I was ‘there’ with you, looking out into the world beyond the window. There is always something new and exciting going on out there. I really liked your description of the Ford Flex (with the benefit of the photo added). I can tell you REALLY love that vehicle (and if you included that just for the purpose of writing and are not sincere, I couldn’t tell…the sign of a good writer!) 😀

    If you would like to take a peek at my assignment, you can find it here:

    Looking forward to reading more of what your mind captures!

    ~ Angela


    • meem2 says:

      Thankyou for the kind words Angela! I really appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog. 🙂
      And yes, I sincerely love the car!
      I checked your post out, and it got me craving for some KFC! 😀


      • Put It Together 4 U says:

        You’re very welcome, meem2! My daughter loves the Flex, too. She and I read your post together, and when we got to the car, she said that he heart started to flutter. LOL!

        Thank you for stopping by my blog as well! Go treat yourself to some KFC! 😀

        ‘See’ you around!

        ~ Angela


  2. jensipernsiper says:

    the car does look snazzy. that is a ford? I confused on how car sheds shades? are moved. I am trying to figure out the location of the place you are describing. Very intriguing. I enjoyed it as usual.


    • meem2 says:

      Yup, that’s a Ford alright!
      well, these shed or car shades rather, are dismantled, removed then shifted to the other side or replaced by a new one.The structure isn’t very complicated so its easy to construct aswell as to deconstruct. If that made any sense? O.o hehe

      I know, the setting might seem a bit complicated to understand. I should work on that next time.
      Thanks for reading btw 😀


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