Challenge (Day 11)

Writing Challenge Day 11: Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country?

When I was 12 years old, the home I lived in was in the midst of somewhere in Kuwait, hmm suburban maybe? “far away from civilisation” as we’d say but in reality it wasn’t, it was just a bit further away from where things were “happening” like my school, malls, fun stuff and also it was an area no one really quite heard of, well, at least my friends hadn’t and that was pretty much everyone else for me at that point in time. But then again, most people in my grade didn’t know much about this side of the country. 99% of the families that lived there were Kuwaiti, so naturally, we were pretty much the odd balls in town. Yaaay us.

I love the place, I’ve come to love the place more so now, than back when I was 12. Each house looked almost similar. Lined up side by side. Each block looking almost alike.
I lived with my family on the top floor. From my room I could overlook the whole block and sometimes watch the birds do these bizarre early morning circumvention a little above all the houses, and watch the bird catcher jump as I remember, with his net on terrace of his house. Hahaaha that was entertaining. But, the most entertaining part was watching the full block being filled with guests wearing their best bishts and dishdashas (your equivalent to a tuxedo), celebrating weddings. Lights decorating the entire house. The sounds of the duff being played, the “Salat wa salam ala habib Allah Muhamad” being chanted and of course the occasional sword dances and celebratory bullets being fired above. And then the arrival of the limo! All from my bedroom window.

And then there were times when it would rain and you would be able to witness “Fast and Furious Khaleeji addition” right in front of your house. Not really entertaining but much more like a cue that it was raining or somebody beat someday on a football match or something, ‘cus you know, back then not many of my folks were on Facebook and I have to say this method is way more interesting than facebook statuses which go like “It’s raining <3” or “Real Madriiiiiiiid” extremely dangerous but interesting.


This my friends, is a vivid demonstration of how not to drive on the road…


Another thing which I adored the place for was its security. I mean, for about 7 years our front door-lock was broken. And never had that ever bothered me. What else speaks security more than that? If I wanted to walk to the co-op at 1 am I probably could have. This is something I look back to and realise I’ve taken for granted because it never crossed my mind that everyone else didn’t kept their doors open at all day. Weird to think of it.
If there was anything to keep me worried it would be those youth reenacting scenes from Tokyo drift on the road.

It really gave me the illusion of the world around me being a safe place, I would look at my friends worried about things which seemed to me as silly and I will try to tell them they’re just being super paranoid, well they were paranoid but, their fears were valid. I had no conception of fear. “Dude its Kuwait, chill” I’d say.


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