Weight, What? (Day 12)

Writing Challenge Day 12: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.


The following is what I remember from a conversation I overhead and eventually jumped into a few months ago while I was on my way home.

On boarding the bus I was met by 3 young girls within the ages of 7 and 8.

“You guys had a class around here?”

“Yea, we came from our music class.”


I was seated right behind them to the window seat, looking out the window like I always do.

“Did you eat the food in your lunch box?”

“I’m not feeling hungry.”

“Eat your food..”

“I don’t like!”

“You never eat!”

“I eat little little, if you eat you’ll come fat fat, I want to be 20 kilos and then 15 and then 10 kilos!”

I think this young girl is aiming for invisible…

Did I mention that this young lady looked perfectly normal? Maybe a bit on the lean side but she looked like a normal 7 year old.


At this point of the conversation, I was  like “Whaaaaaa?”and I couldn’t help but intrude and ask her if she was for real…

“Are you joking?” I asked

“No she’s not, we always make her eat but she doesn’t,” said her friend. “Her parents always tells her but she doesn’t listen.”

“Yea, after I eat I run around the house! I run here and I run there! So all that weight goes. I love to run!” she said with a beaming smile.

“You are aware that if you don’t eat it’s dangerous?” I said

She just looked at me and kept smiling. So, I decided to bring it down to her understanding…

“You know if you don’t eat enough…you’ll be sooo thin you might fly away if your friends blow at you?” Said I “And you could get seriously ill.”


“That’s what we tell her!” proclaimed her friend While the girl giggled.

“Your crack I think.” Said her friend, as she shifted a bit to the side.

The girl just giggled.

I presumed that she must be used to these type of conversations.

They got down at their stop and I said goodbye. I was left a bit startled. I’ve never seen a kid like this before. She had a New York model’s ideology in a 7 year old body. That is disturbing. I wished I could get her to understand the severity of what she trying to do. I wondered who put these ideas into her head. When I was 7 I don’t remember not even knowing my own weight or how losing weight actually worked none of those things were of importance to me. If the future generations of ladies are going to be talking like Milan runway models with eating disorders, then I am afraid. Very afraid.


5 thoughts on “Weight, What? (Day 12)

  1. beckyg1003 says:

    That is a really sad story. Hopefully,she will remember the conversation you had with her and that she will one day take it to heart. However TV , movies, and other forms of media are not helping this situation at all as actresses are still expected to be thin and have a certain, model type appearance.


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