Kinder Surprise (Day 15)



Kinder Surprises- nothing says my childhood like cracking open kinder eggs and trying to assemble the surprise toy. This stuff is just awesome, but as we learn from life…awesome things don’t hang around forever. I miss you Kinder Surprises, bringing surprises into my life since I could eat chocolate. :’)

So, anyway I don’t know why they stopped producing these down here, you can’t find them in the co-ops, replacing it with some “Kinder Joy”  meh.


It's not even on their website :'(

It’s not even on their website 😥


 I heard it had something to do with being a hazard to children or somewhere along those lines. But I have to say, nothing beats the original. This whole joy thing isn’t for me… Kinder you just lost a valuable customer and probably a part of the kinder surprise generation!

Inside 'Kinder Joy'

Inside ‘Kinder Joy’

But then again who cares it’s just chocolate, and so I move on with life. There are other chocolates on the isle…right? (get it? Other fish in the sea….oh whatever)

But if you’re a diehard American Kinder Surprise fan then here is a petition I stumbled upon for the return of the Kinder!  (It’s banned in the U.S) 

Although, I didn’t find any petitions to bring it back to Kuwait…I guess we’re the kind of folks who just move on with life. Haha 🙂 But I did hear of it being sold in the retail stores but that was awhile ago, don’t know if they still sell them…Let me know if they do 😀 I’m craving for some!


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