the 20th day!

Writing Challenge Day 20: Tell us the story of your most-prized possession.


It took me a while to think about what my ‘prized’ possession actually is. But I came up with this conclusion: everything!

Yes, I think maybe everything I have could be my prized possession, everything has it’s unique value, it could be a flimsy cardboard box but it’s the value you attach to it… it might be a cardboard box to me but to you it might be the first little den your cat was brought in.

But anyway for the sake of today’s topic I’ll randomly choose a few ‘prized’ possessions of mine.

Memories: No, I’m not talking photo albums and a 101 selfies with your friends all in the name of “memories” no, no no I’m talking about real memories which stick in your head the type of memories that are triggered with smell and taste. Like sometimes when I taste suya it reminds me of the first time I ate the food, I remember the street sellers grilling the meat and the fumes and aroma filling the entire road with the smell of suya. Or sometimes when I write down the no. 8, I remember when I was still in kindergarten and finally figured out how to actually write the number, prior to that, my 8 used to be like an egg over an egg…which is also right, in a way.

Memories make themselves and chances are if you’re taking photos of yourself through a whole event, you’re going to be left with pictures not memories.

Another thing would be something more on the materialistic side, it would be the 1 gram of gold I won in kindergarten. Now, I don’t know how I won it because it was one of those random winner kinda things and I’m not really that kinda random winner person. I remember it was part of the school fete thing; they stopped it later I don’t know why. But, what surprised me is that I brought it home safe, it didn’t end up getting lost or something hahaha. I’m proud of my 5 year old self.  I remember this happened during my first year at school I was the new girl in a big class full of kids. Some were nice and then there were the downright mean little people. I still remember them!  And some of them never changed to this very day.

There! More memories…

The Box: yes! I have this small box where I keep little things like small gifts from my friends, doodle drawings from 10th grade my old library card, silly notes from my friends… ten years later opening this box will be like time travel haha. I’ll be adding stuff as the years pass by!

And with that I complete this month’s writing challenge! This has definitely prevented my blog from harboring dust bunnies , bringing me out of my comfort topic zone with all them random topic they threw at us this past month, leaving  me like “Do I really have to write that? Ehh…where do I start?” But it was fun twisting the prompts around, reading different blogger approaches and creating my own. Feel free to read alllllll of the 20 posts! Have fun… tata, aurevior, masalam.


5 thoughts on “the 20th day!

  1. Redg Camarse says:

    I just finished organizing (read: cleaning and throwing out junk) my room and I came across my own time-travel box! I also keep a lot of things from the past for weird reasons. I keep my old essays and test papers and reading them now, it’s cool to see how my writing has developed. 🙂 This is a nice post, sorry for rambling a bit. 😀


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