September, September, September. I’d always dreaded the beginning of this month, I was never ready for school. Yes, my bed sang serenades to me, September always splitting us apart…


It’s that time of the year again. Believe it or not 9 months just flashed by our eyes and before you know it January’s gonna be knocking at your door.

For all my lovelies who will/have start/started their first semester in college and be far far away from the comfort your  homes, all the bestest best for your journey ahead! 🙂


On the related topic..

I came across this article  28 College Hacks You Won’t Learn in Class”

No.4-on the list has to be the most useful one, at least for me.

Set your phone lock screen to your schedule during your first week of class.




Craving some noodles?

No.20-  Dont have a pot? no problem… lol This has to be the weirdest, dangerous and at the same time the most creative. I’d never try it. But I guess desperate times do call for desperate measures…



Click here to read the entire list. Some of them are really useful and some are just weird…hahaha

Do you have any college hacks to share?


comment your heart out.

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