What I Really Think of “Resolutions”.


Here I sit beside my window, hearing the cars as they pass by. Life moving at it’s usual pace, the sky taken over by darkness.

Fireworks? Or gunshots? Can’t tell.

Okay, definitely fireworks. -.-

Cold breezes. The usual.

You get the setting?

So, today happens to be December 31st (or 1st of January, depending on where you are and when this gets posted)

Resolutions, I’ve been hearing this word for the past couple of weeks. And I find it amusing when people say “New Year Resolutions” or the “Today is the last page of 2014” shenanigans.

Let me be real with you… Because someone has to.

Shall I?

  1. You do not need a new year to undertake a resolution… You only need yourself.
  2. If you didn’t lose weight last year there might be slim chance that a systematic automated change in the Gregorian calendar to January 1st will miraculously do wonders.
  3. Be real with yourself. You know as well as I do that these are just mere resolutions. We never plan the execution bit too well.
  4. As my wise parents always say “You are only deceiving yourself” *insert suitable sound effect* –mitchew
  5. And also “I am sorry for you ooo”  *yes, the ooo’s are quite essential to the quote.*

On a serious note though. It’s just a calendar (among others), defined by seconds, minutes, hours days and months. Change begins when you decide to. Calendars are reminders for how many days we pass without doing that thing that we should be doing…

For me January 1st is just another. Another struggle, another ray of hope on planet earth. Another chance. Another day to be thankful for.

The cars pass by, the birds rest and Life goes on.


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